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Gamification Tools Review: HabitRPG & Fitocracy

HabitRPG Fitocracy

You might have heard about both of these gamification sites before. If not, you are missing out.


This is a habit tracker, that involves the user by treating their goal as an Role Playing Game. You gain levels and coins as you complete tasks and lose hit points when you neglect them. You can buy weapons and armor or other rewards of your choice.

The site is still quite new and is still in its beta, so there are still a lot of bugs that have to be fixed. The site have a lot of potential, with the new party system and the promise of character classes and quests

Personally since I am a big nerd, who loves roleplaying- and retro games, I am really sold om the sites graphics and the core concept of using RPG mechanics to improve habits. So far the site have been a great help for me. I have started reading again, cut down on unhealthy food and gotten a lot of tasks done that I have been delaying for a long time.

One of the downsides of the site, is that there are no social media interaction, you don’t have access to any of the other users profiles. The only way to interact with other users are through the party system, which i haven’t tried out yet.

I would recommend this site if you have some bad habit you need to get rid of or something you want to do more often, but keep finding excuses not to do.

Sign up here to try it out

Will write a follow-up review later when the site is no longer in beta.


Fitocracy is a website where you can make you fitness and exorcising into a game. On the site you gain points for doing different exercises, and you gain more points the more difficult the workout is. The site also have quest and achievements, that can motivate you to do workouts that you might never have done otherwise or even heard of.

The website can seem a bit intimidating at first, especially if you are an overweight nerd as I am. Most users you see at first are overtrained guys and girls who look like that look like they do nothing but train, but do not let this discourage you from trying out this great tool.

I have had a user for a few weeks now, but I first started really using the site yesterday, but so far I think the site is great. I have never really been great at training and don’t know much about how best to do it, but the long list of different exercises and the quests the website provides have helped me to start exercising.

The site contains a lot of classic social media mechanics. You can post comments om you and others profiles, follow other user or have other users follow you. You can also join groups, that talk about specific training techniques and there are lots of great group that can help beginners to get of their couch and start exercising.

The downsides of the page are that most of the achievements and quests are quite hard to complete for a newbie like me. There are a few quests and achievements that can be completed by new users, but when they are done, most of the rest are either really hard to complete or require equipment that most people do not have access to, but joining a gym would solve some of these problems.

So far I really like the site and hope that I will keep to it. If you want to lose weight and like me are a bit lazy and need some motivation, then Fitocracy is a great site.

Join the site here and start getting fit.

Follow me on Fitocracy


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