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What’s life like for me at Level 50? – Nerdfitness: Fitness Gamification Blog

Nerd Fitness

While I was doing some research on what gamification tool that was out there, I fell over this blog called nerdfitness. After reading a few post a was sold. The first post i read was about how to gamify your everyday routines. Where there are many great idea to spruce up your everyday life.

The thing that really caught my eye, was the two posts about making your life into an RPG. How to Level Up in the Game of Life and Real-Life Role Playing: What is Your Profession?.

The reason these caught my eye, is that most of my life I been an avid role-player, playing mostly fantasy games like Dungeons & Dragons. Therefore it is not the first time I thought about what my race and class might be.

My Race

This one is very easy for me, but se if you can guess it from my description of myself. I am very short 166 cm (about 5 feet 6 inches) and I am overweight. I have a big bushy beard and long hair. I tend to spend a lot of my time in my “cave”, in front of my computer… You guessed right. I am a Dwarf

Race: Dwarf

My Class

Choosing my class is slightly more difficult. I have always identified myself as a wizard, my intelligent is my strongest feature and i like being creative and creating stuff, which i do a lot in my education as a web designer. But as the blog post suggest, your class is what you want to become, but also as it is a fitness blog, it focus is on a class based on your fitness goals, but in my case I am choosing mine base on my life goals, and I like being a wizard, a lot of my life goals, like becoming a better web developer and making magic in the kitchen, fit well with the class of wizard, but also have some goal that the wizard class does not cover. Mainly my goal of losing som weight, but also my future dream of parachuting, getting both a hunting and diving licence and learning at least one type of martial arts. This sound more like a ranger class.

So the class have to take on to achieve my goal are a wizard/ranger mixture, a sort of Arcane Ranger.

Class: Arcane Ranger

My level 50

All my character (I) need now, is a goal, a level 50 as the Nerdfitness post suggest. I am a bit unsure on my level 50, but i know I want to lose at least 30 kg (about 66 lbs, for you people who still have not seen the brilliance in the metric system). I do not really want to have a six-pack or get really ripped or anything like that, just get down to a normal weight for at guy of my height. Also I want to be traveling more, experiencing the world. I want to drive, I want to parachute and bungee jump and I want to learn martial arts, where kendo is what I have my eye on at the moment. I also want to hunt. Not just normal hunting, but hunting with a bow and arrow. Once again I show the RPG nerd. Generally I want to do and try more stuff, but I am not all sure on all of it exactly. One thing that is also important to me is that I have a job I love, but who does not want that. Also when I am at level 50, I do not have to worry about money. I do not need to be rich,just have enough money that I do not have to worry about my economy. There might be more, but can think of more at this moment


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