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Blog Updates – Character Sheet and Quest Log added.


I use the whole day updating the blog, or not all day, had to do my workout. I added some extra gamification to the site, inspired by what Steve Kamb is doing on Nerdfitness. I just added my own spin on the whole thing.

Character Sheet

This is a “about me” page, but also this page builds upon what I talked about in my previous blog “What’s life like for me at Level 50?“.

The character creation is both a symbol of the start of my adventure, but also a way for me to keep track on how far I am in my progress of improving my life. Mainly I will keep track of my weight loss on the character sheet and also my levels of my different classes. Planning to add a short background story later. I chose to add a Fighter class that could cover my physical training and I let the Ranger class be for my life experiences and my improvement on my cooking skills.

Quest Log

This page is where I took the most of the inspiration from Nerdfitness. I modified it to fit me more, since I am using my three class’s, but also using my own experience system. Check out the Quest Log to find out more

I have only added a few quests to start with, but will add a lot more later. I am always looking for good suggestions.


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