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Gamification Tools Review: Codecademy


So far I mostly been posting about fitness website, fitness gamification tools and my training using these, but there are many great gamification tools out there focused on other things. One of these are Codecademy.com


If you are learning to programme websites or just want improve your skills, you can use Codecademy. The site is a learning tool, where you can learn languages such as JavaScript, PHP or basic HTML and CSS. You are rewarded badges and points for completing each class.

I have known about this site for over a year now, and when I started there where only JavaScript and Python courses. Now there are a lot more courses in there, you can even add your own if you are experienced enough, but have not tried this myself yet, so I am not sure how the specifics work, but might review this later when I am skilled enough to create a course.

The point and badge system is great, but getting a badge for completing every single assignment seems to be a little too much, they tend to lose their effect when you get to many to fast. There are still other badges that require a bit more of work to get, like doing assignments for several days in a row or gaining a specific amount of points in one day.

One of the problems I have with the site, is the some of the assignments are broken. Some of them require very specific code to be completed, even if you have code that would complete the required assignments specifications, you might still get that annoying Oops, try again. message. Luckily there is a great Q&A Forum for each course, where you can get help if you get stuck.

Codecademy also contains a lot of groups, both for beginner and for advanced programmers. Each group have its own forum system, where you can ask questions or discuss subjects with other developers.

Create your own user to learn to code your own website or improve your programming skills


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