Gamification Tools Review: Motivation RPG & The Email Game

Motivation RPG This is a motivation tool, as the name obviously indicates. It uses RPG elements to motivate you to do things that you might not want to do, such as have good posture or doing push ups. You gain xp for doing these activities, that is given to you at a 15 minute interval […]

Gamification Tools Review: Codecademy

So far I mostly been posting about fitness website, fitness gamification tools and my training using these, but there are many great gamification tools out there focused on other things. One of these are Codecademy If you are learning to programme websites or just want improve your skills, you can use Codecademy. The site […]

Gamification Tools Review: HabitRPG & Fitocracy

You might have heard about both of these gamification sites before. If not, you are missing out. HabitRPG This is a habit tracker, that involves the user by treating their goal as an Role Playing Game. You gain levels and coins as you complete tasks and lose hit points when you neglect them. You can […]