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The Angry Birds Workout Plan – Day 6

It was nice to train again after a day’s rest. I really got spaghetti arms after training today. I really like this routine, but it is really hard on my arms, especially after adding weights to my overhead squats. Have added Body Weight Lunges to the routine and also some Standing Calf Raises. During my […]

The Angry Birds Workout Plan – Day 5

Was not really planning to train today since I got a bit to drink yesterday, but since I was feeling ok, I actually felt that I wanted to train today, which was a really weird feeling for me. I really like the feeling I have after training. My arms are completely sore after todays training. […]

The Angry Birds Workout Plan – Day 4

I killed my arms today. Switching to the incline push-up’s was great, now I am getting more out of them since I am able to do them right opposed to the normal push-up’s. One big win today, got the planks up to two stars today, was hard but worth it. Levels completed today: (Overhead) Squats […]

The Angry Birds Workout Plan – Day 2

Started my second day of The Angry Birds Workout. Went really well, nearly completed all levels. Got 10 stars today. Have some problems with the back exercises, since I do not have a pull-up bar, but have borrowed some dumbbells, so are doing One-Arm Dumbbell Rows instead, increasing the weight every level. Level 2 was […]