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DING! First level up!

Fighter level 2 Today I got my first level up, and it felt great! Mainly it got it from achieving over 400 points on Fitocracy in one day. Might not seem like much for people who train everyday and er in great form, but for a flappy nerd like me this was a great and […]

Blog Updates – Character Sheet and Quest Log added.

I use the whole day updating the blog, or not all day, had to do my workout. I added some extra gamification to the site, inspired by what Steve Kamb is doing on Nerdfitness. I just added my own spin on the whole thing. Character Sheet This is a “about me” page, but also this […]

What’s life like for me at Level 50? – Nerdfitness: Fitness Gamification Blog

While I was doing some research on what gamification tool that was out there, I fell over this blog called nerdfitness. After reading a few post a was sold. The first post i read was about how to gamify your everyday routines. Where there are many great idea to spruce up your everyday life. The […]

Gamification Tools Review: HabitRPG & Fitocracy

You might have heard about both of these gamification sites before. If not, you are missing out. HabitRPG This is a habit tracker, that involves the user by treating their goal as an Role Playing Game. You gain levels and coins as you complete tasks and lose hit points when you neglect them. You can […]